Digital Multimeter (DT-830D)

Digital Multimeter (DT-830D)

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Digital Multimeter (DT-830D): horizontal line

The DT830-D Digital Multi-meter is a very practical and affordable piece of test equipment. It is outfitted with 5 functions, 19 ranges and simple to access test positions. The Digital Multimeter is a blessing in times of troubleshooting and can be used in hundreds of applications around the house.

  • The DT830D is pocket sized at 6 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2.8 in. x 5 in. x 1 in.
  • Requires a 9 volt battery and indicates when the battery is low
  • Has a replaceable 0.2A/250V fuse easily accessible via the battery compartment
  • Features an easy to read 3.5 digit LCD display
  • Equipped with a Single Selector Switch with quick access to 5 functions, 19 ranges, and various test positions
  • Boasts a built-in diode test, transistor test feature, and a buzzer for a continuity test
  • Contains Full Range Over Load Protection
  • Blister Packed for Safe Shipping

  • QB ID: DT-830D


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