About The Kits

Custom Services
DIY Billboard Lights has the ability to completely customize your lighting kit to fit your exact needs. Need a minimum of 7 days reserve? We can do that. Need a custom bracket made for your unique sign? We will do that free of charge. Need a light configuration that isn’t listed on our website? We can build you the exact kit you need. For any information about the custom services we provide, please call our sales reps at 1-813-920-7259 FREE or e-mail your requests to sales@diybillboardlights.com.

We have a technical staff standing by 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm ET to help with any installation questions. The staff at DIY Billboard Lights are true DIY’ers, which is why we will help you out on the weekends when we know you are working on your projects. Other companies only offer support during the week, which is not very helpful when you are in the middle of your project and it's a Saturday. DIY Billboard Lights is committed to offering the best products and the best service in the industry.

*Extra handling time is required while bracket is being made.

Total Control
With our unique dual timer built into our smart light controller, you will be able to keep your lights on for the amount of time you want them to be illuminated. Most light kits only have a single timer that runs for a set period of time (generally from dusk to dawn). Our timer allows you to choose the number of hours you wish your lights to stay on after sunset and before sunrise. What is great about our timer is that it is all digital with no pins to lose. Also, it will automatically adjust for seasonal changes when the sun may rise later or set earlier.

Our solar lighting kits were made with the Dark Sky Initiative in mind. Flagstaff, Arizona was one of the first US cities to adopt the Dark Sky Initiative, and have set strict ordinances with respect to sign lighting. With our kits, you will be able to fit within these ordinances. For more information, please visit these links.
Flagstaff Sign Standards(page 15)

Easy Installation
Installing the light brackets is as simple as hanging a shelf, and wiring the lights couldn’t be any easier. The combo solar charge controller and light controller has graphics on it that tell you the proper terminals to place and secure the wires.

High Quality Components
The professional quality components in our lighting kits really set them apart from the competition. From the 6061-T6 Aluminum made in America, light gooseneck mounts, to the durable LED floodlights with cast aluminum bodies and high strength glass lens, and the battery boxes that were specifically designed to safely hold your batteries, our kits are made to last. That is why Solar Sign Solutions offers a 10 year warranty with these light kits.